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“A fool and his money are soon parted.” It was true when first published in 1573, and it’s still true today. But in this age of fast food, click-to-buy, and next-day delivery, who has the time to properly research every purchase? Nobody.

But what about the purchases that matter? Can you afford to make a mistake with your hard-earned money? Honestly, we can’t.

That’s where Hybrid Mike comes in.

At Hybrid Mike, we’re fanatical about spending wisely. Whether we’re buying a new headset for the office, choosing a wireless soundbar for the family room, or investing $25,000 in a real estate crowdfunding deal, we dig in deep.

Our process = simplicity itself.


We determine which features, functions, and benefits matter for this specific product, service, or investment.

For example, if we’re analyzing office chairs, we’d consider appearance, comfort, build quality, adjustability, price, and more.


We identify the viable options and create a short list of the leading offerings that address the key requirements.

For example, there are 100+ podcast mics on the market, but few offer the features of interest to discerning buyers.


We compare, contrast, and analyze the products, services, and opportunities to identify those offering the biggest benefit.

For example, on our Crowd Investors website, we highlight the pros and cons of six leading Real Estate Crowdfunding platforms.

Our goal at Hybrid Mike is to help you make the best decisions possible. It’s just that simple.

In the next few weeks, we will post insightful content on a wide range of topics, so check back soon!

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