About Us

Welcome to Hybrid Mike – where every purchasing and investment decision is an informed one.

Our journey began in the bustling corridors of Wall Street, where we witnessed firsthand the disparity of opportunity. We watched the rich become richer, often because they had exclusive access to investments and deals that most everyday people could only dream of.

But we were not part of the affluent elite. We were not trust fund babies. We’ve had to work long and hard for our money. And we believe everyone deserves a fair shot at success.

After years of managing mammoth budgets for industry giants and overseeing large-scale projects, we realized that our true calling was to bridge the gap between these privileged insights and the rest of us (the “normal” people).

We’ve been in the trenches, making purchasing recommendations for thousands of products and services. From high-stakes corporate endeavors to everyday consumer choices, we always do our homework before signing the PO, clicking the buy button, or investing our hard-earned money.

At Hybrid Mike, our ethos is simple. We believe everyone should have the same access to knowledge, irrespective of their bank balance. In other words, informed decisions shouldn’t be a luxury; they should be a right.

We invite you to join us in this mission and benefit from our research into products, services, and investments. Whether you’re saving for retirement, choosing technology for your office, or buying toys for your spare time, we’re here to help.

Just to be clear … we’re not making any specific recommendations. We’ll tell you what we think, what we’ve learned, and what we’ve experienced, but the rest is up to you. You should always perform your own research and due diligence before making any purchases or investments.

Thanks for coming by, and remember — make every decision an informed decision!